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ISBN-10: 1908983574

ISBN-13: 9781908983572

The thirteenth Age Bestiary introduces all-new creatures for the thirteenth Age roleplaying video game, plus impressive takes on a few of your favourite monsters. It contains the thrill and versatile mechanics you predict from thirteenth Age – and it makes each monster an event in its personal correct, with tale hooks, icon relationships, customisable crusade parts and extra suggestion on development intriguing battles.
In this 240-page ebook are:
• The macabre lich aristocrats of the timeless Peerage
• The shadow dragon, which baits grasping adventurers with cursed treasure
• The twygzogs, a surely bizarre new participant personality race of fungaloids
• The mind devourer, which may slip undetected into the social gathering after consuming someone’s mind … and be reworked by way of the event to hitch the aspect of the heroes

The thirteenth Age Bestiary is beneficial for thirteenth Age GMs. for patrons who haven’t but came upon thirteenth Age yet love monsters and certain, intriguing battles, the cutting edge monster mechanics and storytelling hooks are a very good exhibit for the strengths of the middle game.

Here is an inventory of the monsters and variations:
Basilisk, swarm of bats, dire bat, bat cavalry, goblin bat mage, thunder bat, wraith bat, catacomb dragon, gorge dragon, void dragon, empyrean dragon, blue sorcerer, bugbear scout, bugbear schemer, barbarous bugbear, eco-friendly bulette, lumberland dirt-fisher, starving bumoorah, deep bulette, cambion dirk, cambion sickle, cambion katar, cambionhellblade, centaur lancer, centaur raider, centaur ranger, centaur champion, chaos glorp, chaos beast, chaos brute, chaos behemoth, iconic chimera, chuulish slave, chuul, chuulish swarm, great mutant chuul, couatl, elder couatl, drow spider-mage, weaver swarm, drow soldier, drow sword maiden, spider mount, apocritarantula, drow darkbolt, drow cavalry, drow spider-sorceress, corpse dybbuk, parasitic dybbuk, airy dybbuk, Warp Beast, Umluppuk, Hagunemnon, ettercap acolyte, ettercap hunter, ettercap supplicant, ettercap warrior, ettercap keeper, jotun auroch, ice zombie, wintry weather beast, bergship raider, ice sorceress, frost monstrous adventurer, aerial spore, sporrior, fungaloid drudge, braincap, elder spore, fungaloid monarch, fungaloid empress, gelatinous tetrahedron, gelatinous dice, gelatinous octahedron, gelatinous dodecahedron, djinn, efreet, gravemeat, ghoul pusbuster, ghoul fleshwripper, ghoul licklash, ghast, bronze golem, marble golem, Hag, watch cranium, slime cranium, jest bones, screaming cranium, flaming cranium, black cranium, cranium of the beast, hellwasp, hook scuttler, swarming maw, boombug, mind devourer, mind murderer, spinneret doxy, woven, binding bride, kobold grand wizard, kobold skyclaw, kobold engineer, kobold puppy rider, kobold bravescale, kobold dungeon-shaman, kobold shadow-warrior, kobold dragon-soul, lammasu warrior, fallen lammasu, lammasu wizard, lammasu priest, lich baroness, lich count number, lich prince, manticore bard, mantikumhar, coursing manticore, swaysong naga, sparkscale naga, manafang naga, elder swaysong naga, elder sparkscale naga, elder manafang naga, ogre penitent, ogre crusader, ogre berserker, demonic ogre, ogre champion, ogre minion, ogre mage knight, Ogre lightning mage, prismatic ogre mage, Pit-spawn orc, orc archer, cave orc, orc tusker, orc conflict screamer, death-plague orc, claw flower, pixie pod, poddling, pink computer virus, pink larvae, parasitic lightning beetle, historic crimson trojan horse, volcano dragon, hoardsong dragon, hoard spirit, greathoard elder, flamewreathed dragon, smoke minions, splotchcap, redcap, crimsoncap, crustycap, squib swarm, barbellite, frost-wurm, grownup remorhaz, remorhaz queen, rust monster, rust monster obliterator, sahuagin raider, razor shark, sahuagin glow priest, Iron Sea shark, sahuagin mutant, shadow dragon, shadow thief, stirge, stirgelings, archer stirge, cobbler stirge, tarrasque, avenging orb, destroying sword, enduring guard, feral warbanner, human rabble, Crusader warbanner, Orc Lord warbanner, Lich King warbanner, starving cannibal, wendigo spirit, elder wendigo, Whispering Prophet, white dragon hatchling, cenotaph dragon, mausoleum dragon, snow fall dragon, moon dragon, wibble, sunrise zorigami, apex zorigami and nightfall zorigami.

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Adventure Hooks Bulette Rodeo—Local farmers hold a yearly competition to see who can ride a captured bulette the longest. Unknown to the villagers (but known to the adventurers), this bulette has a map tattooed onto it. A rival group wants the map too, but to obtain it both sides realize they will need to ride the bulette. With match fixing, judge bribing, poisoned drinks, and attempts at assassinations all on the cards, just surviving long enough to ride in the super-dangerous rodeo will be an adventure.

A chimera’s ability to change its form allows it to survive in harsh demon-infested wastelands with as much ease as the lush forestlands of the Wild Wood. The paladins of the Wyrm regard chimeras as good luck since chimeras often eat imps and other lesser demons, and consider the lion-eaglesnake-headed enemy of my enemy to be a friend. High Druid: Druids regard chimeras as living embodiments of nature, avatars of primal life. Chimeras in the Wild Wood resemble mighty horned griffons or tusked white lions— majestic and untamable creatures.

The target of its attack or a creature attacking it when it attempts this stunt rolls a normal save; on a success, the bonus is negated. Nastier Specials R: Pinning volley +11 vs. AC (2 attacks)—8 damage, and the target is hampered until the end of its next turn Natural 18+: The target is stuck (save ends) instead of hampered. Limited use: 2/battle. AC 22 PD 20 MD 16 HP 85 35 c Centaur Champion The problem for centaur champions is that not many of their opponents stay alive long enough for the champions to challenge.

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