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Are you able to kill the dungeon sooner than it kills you?

In thirteenth Age, residing dungeons slither up during the underworld and invade the outside lands. The Stone Thief is the main old and crafty of its sort; an unlimited monster that preys at the towns and constructions you like, swallows them, and remakes them into extra deathtrap-filled degrees within itself. Now, it’s searching YOU.

For players:
• Embark on a saga of insanity, revenge and substantial monsters
• relief or thwart the schemes of the Icons as they conflict for regulate of the dungeon
• Slay, loot and live to tell the tale deep within the bowels of the earth
• smash this age-old risk forever

For GMs:
• A colossal crusade protecting the whole Champion tier (4th to eighth level)
• 13 degrees of peril from the dungeon’s commencing Maw to the orc hordes of the Deep maintain, the terrors of the • Pit of Undigested a long time, and the nightmare urban past the Onyx Catacombs
• New monsters, new treasures, new traps, and new factions to your thirteenth Age crusade

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Common Knowledge in the Dungeon The story of the Prince of Shadows and the Eyes of the Stone Thief is commonly known, although some dungeon denizens think it’s a myth. The self-awareness of the Stone Thief is a matter of debate. Adventurers & the Stone Thief Adventurers are tasty, but sometimes tickle or get stuck in the dungeon’s craw. Allies The Custodians work for the Stone Thief, with varying degrees of enthusiasm and loyalty. The Cult of the Devourer worships the dungeon, or at least worships what they think the dungeon can become.

5th level caster [humanoid] Initiative: +6 Warstaff +8 vs. AC—15 damage R: Fireblast +10 vs. PD (up to 2 nearby enemies in a group)—10 fire damage (or 20 if used against a single target), and the target loses its next move action C: Concussive blast +10 vs. PD (all enemies engaged with the warmage)—10 force damage, and the warmage pops the target off of it. Note that the warmage’s concussive blast ability forces anyone on the bridge struck by it to make an average (11+) save or be knocked into the chasm below.

AC 22 PD 20 MD 16 HP 90 Ghoul Cleaners Fight Chart Number/ Level of PCs Ghoul 3 x 4th level 2 1 0 1 th 4 x 4 level 2 1 1 1 5 x 4th level 4 1 1 1 th 6 x 4 level 4 2 1 1 7 x 4th level 4 2 2 1 th 3 x 5 level 0 3 1 1 4 x 5th level 0 4 2 1 th 5 x 5 level 0 4 2 2 6 x 5th level 0 5 3 2 7 x 5 level 0 7 3 2 th Fleshripper Licklash Ghoul Ghoul Ghoul Champion 43 upper levels Variations • The ghouls stuffed prisoners into their caskets for later consumption. They chained the caskets shut with heavy, nigh-unbreakable chains (DC 25) to ensure the prisoners do not escape.

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