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By E. Bryan Carne

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A reference consultant to the codes, protocols, networks, indications and gear that give the opportunity to speak utilizing TCP/IP.

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Two messages are used: • ARP request message: The forwarding node requests the MAC address corresponding to a specific forwarding IP address. The ARP request is a MAC-level broadcast frame that goes to all nodes on the physical subnetwork to which the interface requesting the address is attached. TLFeBOOK 24 A TCP/IP World? • ARP reply message: The node whose IP address matches the IP address in the request message sends a reply that contains its hardware address. The reply message is a unicast frame sent to the hardware address of the requester.

1). When receiving, the DSU/CSU: • Converts NRZI, 2B1Q, or other signals, to a signal format compatible with the DTE. • Removes the special codes inserted by the sending unit and notes the alarm information (if appropriate). • Removes B8ZS coding or reconstructs ZBTSI frames. • Supports superframe and extended superframe operations. Most CSUs contain additional facilities that are used to detect and isolate line and equipment problems. 2 Making a Data Call Consider a host (Host A) in a multilocation company that needs a data file to complete a task.

DHCP provides a service that dynamically allocates addresses and other information to clients as they require them. 7 Network Interface Layer In order to be carried over a transmission link, network interface layer headers and trailers encapsulate the IP datagram to form an IP frame. They perform the following services: • Indicate the start and end of the frames and distinguish the payloads from the headers and trailers. • Identify the Internet layer protocol in use. • Identify the hardware addresses of the source and destination nodes.

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