Advances in Tracer Methodology: Volume 4: A collection of by Waldo E. Cohn (auth.), Seymour Rothchild (eds.) PDF

By Waldo E. Cohn (auth.), Seymour Rothchild (eds.)

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The 11th Symposium on Advances in Tracer strategy­ ology used to be held in Boston on October 13-14, 1966. The sym­ posium, which used to be backed by way of the hot England Nuclear company, honored the 10th anniversary of the company. The Symposia on Advances in Tracer technique, which were held usually for the reason that 1957, assemble examine staff in numerous disciplines who percentage an curiosity in radioactive tracers. The 4 volumes, this one representing the checklist of the 11th Symposium, supply a compact and on hand resource of information-much of which used to be frequently scattered during the medical literature-of inter­ est to biochemists, pharmacologists, endocrinologists, and analysts for whom tracers became an critical software. The editor is principally thankful to Dr. Konrad Bloch, Harvard collage, and Dr. Waldo E. Cohn, Oak Ridge nationwide Laboratory, for chairing the periods on the 11th Sym­ posium. The cooperation of the audio system is deeply liked. moreover, a unique bouquet to my secretary, Mrs. Edith Thompson, for her beneficiant information in arranging some of the symposia and the booklet of the papers. S. R.

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In their preparation of 1-nicotine-N-methyl-C 14 by this procedure, Leete and Bell [18] found the yield to be low due to quaternary salt formation. For that matter, quarternization, which is frequently experienced as a side reaction, greatly limits the utility of this method. The methyl iodide alkylation method presents a reliable route to N-methyl derivatives of aromatic amines. For example, at least two laboratories [19, 20] have prepared labeled dimethylaniline this way. Further, BOissonas, Turner, and du Vigneaud [2] have methylated p-methylaminoazobenzene with radiomethyl iodide, but in this case sodium amide was required as a condensing agent.

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Advances in Tracer Methodology: Volume 4: A collection of papers presented at the Eleventh Annual Symposium on Tracer Methodology by Waldo E. Cohn (auth.), Seymour Rothchild (eds.)

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