Adventures with a Hand Lens by Richard Headstrom PDF

By Richard Headstrom

ISBN-10: 0486233308

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ISBN-10: 0844654795

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Basically written advisor to looking at and learning flora and grasses, fish scales, moth and bug wings, egg situations, buds, feathers, seeds, leaf scars, moss, molds, ferns, universal crystals, etc.—all with a standard, reasonably cheap magnifying glass. 209 detailed line drawings relief on your discoveries.

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A pair of forceps or tweezers, such as you can get a< the five-and-ten-cent store, will facilitate your handling the insects and will help you in holding them up when you exarnine them. As you view tl le tree hoppers through your lens, you will observe that the prothorax, which is the first segment of the thorax, the one next to the head, has been prolonged upward or backward or sideways according to the species you are viewing. It is this structure that nature has modified to produce the many strange and grotesque forms found among these insects (Figure 21).

The staminate catkins of the shagbark hickory are similar, but the pistillate ones occur on two- or five-flowered terminal spikes. Then in the white oak the staminate flowers are yellow, the pistillate red. th air pressure and air flow and similar phenomena. X0-w has it ever occurred to you to examine a fly’s wing with a hand lens? Probably not, so let us look at one and see what we find. The best way to capture a fly without damaging it is with the killing jar, which we described in Adventure 6.

Covering. They also serve as implements of flight. Equally important, they help to maintain the bird’s body temperature. Air is an extremely effective insulating material and feathers are full of dead-air spaces. Perhaps you have observed birds fluffing out their feathers on a cold wintry day. This fluffing out, made possible by special muscles ADVENTURE 8 We Examine a Feather 41 . Vane Shaft 6L Quill Opening of Quill Figure 27 FEATHER Figure 28 SECTION OF FEATHER 42 in the skin, increases the depth of insulating material by adding to the air spaces within the feathery layers.

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