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By Laurie Boswell, Holt Mcdougal

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B. 8 cm 6 cm 9 in. 10 cm 15 in. 12 in. Practice and Applications DESCRIBING EXPRESSIONS Match the variable expression with its meaning. 17. y ϩ 8 18. y Ϫ 8 A. 8 times y B. y divided by 8 y 19. ᎏ 8 C. y plus 8 20. 8y D. y minus 8 EVALUATING EXPRESSIONS Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. Student Help HOMEWORK HELP Example 1: Exs. 17–20 Example 2: Exs. 21–32 Example 3: Exs. 33–39 Example 4: Exs. 40–42 Example 5: Exs. 43–46 6 Chapter 1 21. 9 ϩ p when p ϭ 11 1 22. ᎏᎏ ϩ t when t ϭ 2 2 b 23.

4 3 4 Calculator B: 9 6 Calculator A: 9 2 Calculator B: 15 FOOTBALL UNIFORMS In Exercises 47 and 48, use the table showing the costs of parts of a football player’s uniform. 47. A sporting goods company offers a $2000 discount for orders of 30 or more complete uniforms. Your school orders 35 complete uniforms. Write an expression for the total cost. 48. Evaluate the expression you wrote in Exercise 47. 3 Order of Operations 19 In Exercises 49 and 50, refer to the squares shown at the right. 49.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 2. Calculate the perimeters of all six figures. Organize your results in a table. 3. What is the perimeter of the 10th figure? Can you guess a formula for the nth figure? 22 Chapter 1 Connections to Algebra Use toothpicks to model the perimeter of all six figures in Explore on page 22. Notice that the perimeter of each figure is equal to the number of toothpicks used to form the figure. Change the shape of Figures 2–6 by moving toothpicks until the figures consist of n unit squares.

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