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202) and were studied systematically by Veronese [318]. 52 From 1874, Weierstrass had given notice, in a letter to Du Bois-Reymond, of an application to functions of a real variable of the theorem of Cantor on the possibility of writing the rational numbers as a sequence ([329 b], p. 206). 53 Because of this the interest that was shown in the ordinals of Cantor has greatly diminished; in general, in any case, many of the results of Cantor and his successors on the arithmetic of ordinals and non denumerable cardinals have remained until now fairly isolated.

So the system of Russell and Whitehead has had more success with the logicians than with the mathematicians; it is in any case not entirely formalised,63 and as a result there are numerous obscure details. Various efforts have been made to simplify and clarify this system (Ramsey, Chwistek, Quine, Rosser); tending to use languages that are more and more fully formalised, these authors replace the rules of the Principia (which still had a certain intuitive foundation) with restt·ictions only taking account of the wording of the aggregations being conThat is only in fact the beginning of the classification of "types", of which a faithful account could not be given without going into some very long developments; the reader wishing for more detailed explanations could in particular take note of the introduction to v.

1(8). 34 It is fairly interesting, on this point, to see Descartes getting closer to arithmetic and to "combinations oj numbers", the "arts ... where order reigns more fully, as are those 0/ artisans who make cloth or carpets, or those 0/ women who embroider or make lace" ([85 al, v. X, p. (03), as if in anticipation of modern studies on symmetry and its relations with the notion of group (cf. [331 c]). 33 1. FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICSi LOGICi SET THEORY. 23 plays a great part in the full realisation of the notion of isomorphism.

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