Peter Sanders (auth.), Ulrich Meyer, Peter Sanders, Jop's Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies: Advanced Lectures PDF

By Peter Sanders (auth.), Ulrich Meyer, Peter Sanders, Jop Sibeyn (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540008837

ISBN-13: 9783540008835

Algorithms that experience to method huge facts units need to remember the fact that the price of reminiscence entry is determined by the place the knowledge is kept. conventional set of rules layout relies at the von Neumann version the place accesses to reminiscence have uniform expense. genuine machines more and more deviate from this version: whereas looking ahead to reminiscence entry, these days, microprocessors can in precept execute one thousand additions of registers; for hard drive entry this issue can succeed in six orders of magnitude.

The sixteen coherent chapters during this monograph-like educational publication introduce and survey algorithmic innovations used to accomplish excessive functionality on reminiscence hierarchies; emphasis is put on tools attention-grabbing from a theoretical in addition to vital from a pragmatic aspect of view.

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Node v is replaced by two nodes having these groups as children (this requires an update of the parent node, or the creation of a new root if v is the root). Since B/8 ≥ 4 the weight of each of these new nodes is between 3 5 i i i 2 (B/8) and 2 (B/8) , which is Ω((B/8) ) away from the limits. Deleting. Deletions can be handled in a manner symmetric to insertions. Whenever deleting a leaf would violate the lower bound on the weight of a node v, we perform a rebalancing operation on v and a sibling w.

4 we will consider the problem of keeping the load factor in a certain range, shrinking and expanding the hash table according to the size of the set. Chaining with Separate Lists. In chaining with separate lists we again hash to a table of size approximately N/(αB) to achieve load factor α. Each block in the hash table is the start of a linked list of keys hashing to that block. Insertion, deletion, and lookups proceed in the obvious manner. As the pseudorandom function distributes keys approximately evenly to the blocks, almost all lists will consist of just a single block.

4, support the basic dictionary operations in an expected constant number of I/Os (usually one or two). Before describing these two approaches in detail, we give some applications of external memory dictionaries. 1 Applications of Dictionaries Dictionaries can be used for simple database retrieval as in the example above. Furthermore, they are useful components of other external memory data structures. Two such applications are implementations of virtual memory and robust pointers. Virtual Memory.

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