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Professor Goldberg bargains a examining of King Lear that avoids the pitfall choices of idealism, moralism, absurdism, and redemptionist sentimentality. He sees the play as a problem to our conscience and our want for a sense of common justice, yet as undercutting all effortless solutions. That it doesn't enable them is one in every of its details. The essay lines a constructing reaction to the full of the motion because it proceeds, making no untimely judgments. It springs from a thought of experience of what a poetic drama is and the way it really works: specially the way it provides 'character' and the way the perspectives of the characters relate to the total goal of the play and the author's personal imaginative and prescient of lifestyles. Many readers tend to imagine this the main passable try they've got but learn to do justice to this nice play; simply because Professor Goldberg responds to it with intelligence and sensitivity, simply because he doesn't impose a ready-made which means on it, and since he has thought of Shakespearean drama in a fashion which makes this short e-book a special degree within the heritage of feedback on account that Bradley and Wilson Knight.

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6off) This is more than 'self-knowledge5 in Lear - a recovery of true sight which Redeems5 him from his earlier blind folly and self-ignorance. The point is not what he now knows, but what he now is; and it is a point vital to our understanding of the whole play. Lear can know what he knows here, and know it in the manner he does, only because of more far-reaching changes in his very self. The 29 KING LEAR fear that lay behind his rage is dissolved in being able to acknowledge his helplessness, or at least in not being able to deny it.

But at a rather more abstract level, it is surely the same point that underlies some of the common beliefs of the time, especially those that ultimately derive from neo-platonic thought: the correspondence of inner microcosm and outer macrocosm, for example, or the notion that the cosmic harmony can only be heard by a man who is himself 'harmonically composed', or the rather more learned, but readily accessible, belief in the creative power of the soul to constitute its world £new and to make nature over as 'golden3.

Pp. 26-7, 29-30. , p. 36. KING LEAR the essential process of character-creation is a prismatic breaking-up of the comprehensive vision of the play; and each element of vision, so separated out, is in itself a unique illumination, finding its individual fulfilment in character. 1 This makes an important point - or rather, it suggests it, for Sewell's terms are suspiciously scientific. What with 'prisms' and 'elements', the 'comprehensive vision of the play5 also comes to seem a rather fixed and static thing, as though it somehow existed prior to, or in some way above, its realization in and by the play - just as a character's 'nature' seemed a rather fixed and static thing, as though it were merely one, definably 'individualized' element in the author's 'vision'.

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